Best Mosquito Repellent... or alternatives

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Best Mosquito Repellent... or alternatives

Postby cbj029 » Mon Dec 12, 2016 8:01 am

I hate mosquitoes. Which is kinda tough because I live in a swamp.
When I used to live in Alaska, a friend hooked me up with some Muskol 100% DEET. Not the green capped 30% kind, but the red capped skull and cross boned, not recommended for children under eight kind. I slathered it on and became an instant fan.
Now I'm fairly certain I could feel the small cancerous tumors growing beneath my skin, I didn't care. The mosquitoes stayed away. The smell became like sweet perfume to me.
I dread the day when this should run out after TSHTF. With West Nile Virus on the uprise, it's not something I want to think about.
I've tried a number of other things without good results. Lots of recipes with citronella. None of it works well.
Anyone have any favorites that work for them?

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