winter food and cooking

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winter food and cooking

Postby cbj029 » Sun Dec 04, 2016 9:21 am

I will be heading up to Canada in early Feb. for my first snow shoe/sled trip. I normally cook banak out in the backcountry and I normally cook it in oil. However, in the cold conditions, the oil will solidify. Normally I keep the oil in a plastic mickey bottle. The bottle is then wrapped in a plastic milk bag with a twist tie in case of leakage. I am considering doing this again and also, putting it in a leak proof Tupperware container and keeping it in my sleeping bag to prevent it from solidifying. In the evening I will keep the bottle near the fire to prevent it from solidifying. Does this sound like it will work? I have never used lard, butter or margarine to cook banak. Would these options be better than oil in the winter?

Also, I enjoy eating eggs for breakfast with oatmeal. My dad and I always bring fresh eggs on each trip. They last us for 6 day. Obviously they will not be suitable for the winter. I have tried to find powdered eggs but I can only find American suppliers and none in Canada where we will be buying our suppies to avoid border issues. Does anybody know of any Canadian Distributors? I have tried the dehydrated eggs by Mountain House and they were gross. I really enjoy many of their other meals though.


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