good brand of walkie talkies

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good brand of walkie talkies

Postby cbj029 » Mon Dec 12, 2016 8:13 am

A couples of months ago I was looking for some walkies, did a little bit of searching and ended up buying Midland GXt850VP4 22 CHANNEL 26 MILE TWO WAY RADIO (Mossy Oak). They were on sale for like $59 at Bass Pro. It comes with two radios, two rechargeable battery packs, one desktop charger, cigarette lighter cord for charging in car, belt clips, two over the ear mic. headsets w/PTT. It also has NOAA weather radio and weather alert. It also features privacy codes, vibrate, and some other stuff. One feature I like is that if your battery pack dies on the two way you can take it out and install four regular AA batteries. I have not tested them much since I usually go out into the world solo. Easy to use, I like them.

What walkies do you have and how do you like them?

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