Why I’m looking forward to winter

Subawoo's Hammock

I used to dread the long cold nights…
Particularly when I was a tent sleeper.
Never really got or stayed comfortable.
I would be one of the first to awaken.

Since becoming a hammocker now not at all.
Especially after I discovered a PEE BOTTLE!
Best thing ever.
I keep mine on a line that I can just take up next to the hammock.
Roll over, align things and let’er rip.
2 minutes and done!
Minimal heat loss baby.

Sure my ‘sleep system’ – down filled army bag, a zero degree Big Agnes bag that I use as a blanket (I’m a rather large and portly dude, so there’s no way I fit into that bag), a Thermarest pad, 2 reflector blankets, 3 wool blankets, a balaclava that my mom crocheted, and an 8′ scarf that she made that’s both a pillow and a wrap.
It weighs 25# (or seems like it), and I could use a Sherpa to carry it all, but it keeps me warm. (I tend to sleep cold.)

It amuses me to no end that in my little island of comfort that all of 3″ away it can be below zero or worse.
Go science!

I do love the being outside in the cold tho…
No bugs, woodticks and mosquitos being killed by the millions, fresh crisp air and a lessening number of dipshits outside (because it’s too cold for them.)

Good times.
Good times.

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