Taraghee II by Keen


Keen Taraghee II

Ok. So I’m a large man. ‘Oversize’ even, and I have large feet. Size 16.


Now I’ve found that finding shoes, let alone finding them that FIT is pretty difficult.
That’s why when I stumbled upon the Keen Targhee II at a local retailer, I bought 2 pairs.
While they’re not the least expensive shoes I’ve ever purchased, I can’t fault the quality and durability of these shoes.

What I like most about them is that they are WATERPROOF! (Keens version of GoreTex called KeenDry), have a generous toe box (I have wide feet as well), nice and grippy soles, comfortable as all get out.
I wear mine everywhere in all conditions, and I get about 9 months out of mine before they’re ready for retirement.
Did I mention they’re WATERPROOF?!

I’m curious to know where other people have found their ‘larger’ footwear.
Let’s hear it!
Schuler shoes have a local brick & mortar store, and that’s where I found mine.
I give them Five Smiles.


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